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REDARC’s In-vehicle Dual Battery Charger range lets you charge your auxiliary battery while you’re on the move using your vehicle’s alternator and solar panels simultaneously.

REDARC has over 40 years experience in the design, development and manufacture of a range of electronics built to not only survive, but thrive in some of the toughest conditions and environments on the planet.

Have you ever wanted to load up your 4×4, caravan or camper with the freedom and on-board power to tackle adventure? REDARC’s range of power management, off-grid solar and brake controller technology is your first and only choice.

Nobody designs, engineers, builds, tests or uses gear like we do. Whether it’s for a copper mine, a war zone or a caravan park, REDARC products are built to take you there and back.


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Redarc Chargers

BCDC In-vehicle Dual Battery Chargers ensure optimum performance of electrical equipment such as fridges, lights, CPAP machines and even hydraulic pumps when they’re powered from a dual battery setup.

Compact in size, the BCDC can be mounted in a variety of places, from the engine bay to the inside or outside of a van or trailer. With fully-sealed electronics and fan-free cooling, water, dust and vibrations are no match for these chargers. The BCDC range has been tested and proven to work under the harshest conditions.

These unique DC to DC chargers ensure any battery is able to achieve and maintain an optimal charge. • Multi-stage charging helps maximize battery life • Proven to charge an auxiliary battery to 100% state of charge*

• Longer battery life • Increase run time of loads like fridges and lights

• Allows for flexible installation in 12 or 24 volt vehicles • Overcomes voltage drop caused by long cable runs


The REDARC BCDC range features a wide 9 to 32 volt input range, allowing an auxiliary battery to be charged from either a 12 or 24 volt vehicle electrical system.

All models incorporate dual battery isolation as well as fault detection that includes protection against voltage spikes, overheating and reverse polarity connection, to ensure complete protection of your batteries.


Most vehicle alternators are not designed to fully charge an auxiliary battery. An insufficient charge rate will – at best – shorten the life and performance of the auxiliary battery but may result in a flat battery.

By employing a unique, multi-stage charging algorithm, REDARC In-vehicle Battery Chargers feature technology designed to fully charge auxiliary batteries to a proven 100%*.

The advanced electronics in REDARC’s BCDC In-vehicle Dual Battery Chargers constantly monitor the vehicle battery input charge to ensure that your auxiliary battery always receives the ideal voltage and current for maximum battery life and performance.

Redarc Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Use your devices and appliances anywhere and get the same type of power you’d get at home. Designed with advanced safety features and superior build quality in mind, REDARC Pure Sine Wave Inverters produce a pure sine wave, ensuring a smoother, more efficient running of household appliances. Available in 12 and 24 volt, and from 350 to 3000 watt, REDARC Pure Sine Wave Inverters have multiple levels of protection, keeping you and your devices safe.


With REDARC’s range of Touring Inverters, you can have all of the comforts of home when you’re out on the road. Slimmer, lighter and with a smaller footprint compared to the RS3 range, these Touring Inverters will f it in tighter spaces. Featuring multiple levels of protection, and fully isolated input and output, find power anywhere with REDARC’s Touring Inverters!

For those who visit AC powered sites, or need to meet AS/NZS compliance, check out REDARC’s RS3 inverter range.

Electric Brake Controllers

There’s only one real choice when it comes to electric braking for your caravan or trailer… REDARC Tow-Pro. No matter what you’re towing, the REDARC Tow-Pro has you covered.

The Tow-Pro Elite and Tow-Pro Classic are simple to install, work with electric and electric/hydraulic trailer brakes and are AL-KO ESC and Dexter Sway Control System compatible.

Both can be seamlessly mounted in a blank switch panel, an unused area of the dashboard or centre console. This overcomes the possible intrusion of traditional brake controllers into the driver’s leg space and potential interference with lower airbags in newer vehicles.

• Smooth trailer braking response • AL-KO ESC and Dexter Sway Control System compatible

• Electric or electric/hydraulic operation

• Safe braking at your fingertips

• The main unit is installed out of sight


Braking down on the side of the road is the last thing you want when you’re off on a 4WD adventure. Even if your 4WD is brand new, the harder you push it, the harder the engine or your battery management system has to work to keep up. With REDARC’s 52mm gauges, you can track how your vehicle is doing at any given moment and avoid being stranded with an overheated or run-down engine.

When it comes to keeping your off-road vehicle in tip top shape, oil pressure and temperature gauges are must haves. With an oil pressure gauge, you can ensure that the correct pressure is maintained in your vehicle and that your car bearings are well lubricated. This is particularly crucial when you are travelling at continuous speeds and towing heavy loads.

REDARC gauges are ideal for monitoring vehicle health like battery voltage, current draw, exhaust gas temperature (EGT), manifold boost and vacuum pressure, oil pressure and a range of temperature applications such as outside, cabin, oil, water, coolant and fridge temperatures. This extensive range of LCD/LED gauges combine dual or triple functions in the one 52mm gauge. With twelve variants to choose from, each has a choice of thirteen custom backlight colours, programmable alert levels as well as relay output and peak hold functions on all variants except voltage gauges. Designed and manufactured in Australia for the toughest conditions, regardless of the gauge you choose, you’ll be assured of the high quality and reliability that comes with every REDARC product.


The REDARC 52mm dual voltage gauge is ideal for monitoring battery systems mounted in 4WD’s, Campers, Caravans, Motorhomes and other similar vehicle applications. The LCD/ LED display allows you to monitor the charging performance of both your main and auxiliary batteries.

In the event of an alternator or system failure, the voltage reading on the gauge will be low and drop as the battery discharges. In the event of an overcharge condition, the voltage reading will climb above its normal zone. The G52-VVA gauge also has pre-set alert levels (<11V and >16V) to notify you of these situations by changing the gauge backlight colour to either amber or red, and initiate an audible beep when the vehicle’s ignition is on.


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