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The motorcycle battery range available at Challenge Batteries is manufactured for more than just performance.

Our battery range is designed for the enthusiast! Featuring the latest AGM and Lithium battery technology for a safer, hassle free and powerful ride.

Predator Motorcycle Batteries

The Predator range of motorcycle and powersports batteries is one of the most comprehensive ranges available in Australia. Predator motorcycle batteries are available in conventional flooded, AGM and the X-series range. The X-series are designed and manufactured to deliver outstanding cranking performance and reliability. Made by one of the world’s leading motorbike and AGM battery manufacturers, the Predator range has a battery to suit most makes and models of motorbikes, jet skis and power sports. Predator Motorcycle & Powersport batteries offer the enthusiast a truly world class battery

Motobatt Batteries

Utilising the latest in modern battery technology, Motobatt motorcycle batteries provide the motorbike enthusiast with a seamless riding experience. Maintenance free, advanced AGM technology means that these batteries are vibration resistant, hassle free and long lasting. With their Quadflex™ technology, Motobatt are able to cover 200 part numbers with just 36 batteries. This innovative design has 4 terminals (2+ and 2-) plus spacers, enabling the battery to function in multiple applications like street bikes, dirt bikes, scooters and Jet skis.

SSB Powersports Batteries

SSB Powersports Conventional Batteries have been specifically designed to withstand Australia’s harsh environmental conditions whilst maintaining thier high cranking performance, reliability, resistance to corrosion, making them anything but conventional.

These batteries feature high-impact polypropylene plastic casing for added strength and polyethylene envelope separators for superior performance. The SSB Powersports Conventional Range is manufactured to high quality standards and exceeds the minumum original equipemnt (OEM) requirement for most motorcycles sold in Australia.


The best battery for your motorcycle, scooter or power sports application is dependent on a number of factors. Conventional flooded motorcycle batteries will give years of reliable service in motorcycles where this type of battery was fitted by the manufacturer. If you want a battery with more power and a longer life, an AGM battery is a sensible upgrade. For ultimate performance and weight saving, a lithium battery is worth considering.

You also need to consider how the equipment is used, and how often. Challenge Batteries product team have hand picked brands and products which are made to the highest quality standards to ensure our customers get the best value for money. You can trust in brands like Motobatt, Deka and Predator Motorcycle to reliably power your equipment.


Not all 12V batteries will fit within a motorcycle to power it; and some would have a much larger capacity than required. 12V car batteries are much too heavy for motorcycle batteries and would not have the correct terminal assembly to connect to a bike. R&J Batteries recommend a dedicated motorbike battery – see the team for advice on which battery would best power your equipment.

Jump starting a motorcycle is pretty straight forward as it is similar to a car.  If your bike has jump start points, they must be used.  If not, connect the negative jumper clamp to the engine case or part of the chassis, and the positive clamp to the positive terminal of the battery.  You may need to use smaller clamps as the clamps designed for jump starting a car can be too large to access the small terminals.


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