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A HardCore battery is built tough to go the distance!

Australia has some of the harshest operating conditions for batteries found anywhere in the world. With long distances to cover, big loads, extreme temperatures and cycling demands that increase every year, you need a heavy-duty battery you can rely on.

HardCore battery

HardCore Commercial Batteries have been specifically developed to withstand vigorous demands that leave other ordinary commercial batteries flat. As a rugged hybrid battery, they can start just about any truck, earthmoving or commercial engine whilst providing greater cycle life. A HardCore battery delivers power again and again, when and where you need it!

You can be confident that when you turn the key or switch, you will have the power you need and the reliability you can trust! These batteries are available in common part sizes for most heavy vehicles including: N70ZZ, N70ZZL, N120, N150 and N200 sized applications.

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The HardCore Commercial Battery range is ideal for trucks, buses, tractors, harvesters, cranes, construction and earthmoving vehicles, and much more. Contact the Challenge Batteries team to find out more about how our own tests have proven that HardCore AGM batteries have what it takes to go the distance.

Truck Batteries

HardCore batteries are significantly heavier than leading competitors truck battery ranges, without exception.

HardCore battery plates are much thicker and stronger than industry average which equates to longer service life, especially in modern trucks with increased electrical loads.

HardCore batteries are the first choice for CPK-wise fleet operatorss.

Bus & Coach Batteries

Thanks to Challenge Batteries range of exact fit HardCore batteries, you don’t have to worry about costly and time-consuming modifications.

When it comes to bus and coach batteries, Challenge Batteries has your whole fleet covered with the size and specification for all brands of bus and coach from Europe, Asia, Australia, and USA.

Mining & Severe Service Batteries

Large and powerful machinery operating in harsh environments can be very hard on batteries – especially in mining applications.

The HardCore Commercial Batteries range includes several sizes designed and built specifically for mining industry use, with several significant features and upgrades proven to deliver long lasting power and reliability.

Agricultural Batteries

HardCore are your number one choice for range, cranking power and capacity in agricultural batteries.

HardCore agricultural batteries are at the forefront in introducing an entire new range of reliable, high-capacity batteries to meet the increased demands of modern farm machinery.

Construction & Earthmoving Batteries

HardCore’s large range of commercial batteries provides coverage for all types of construction, road-making and earthmoving machinery.

From Bobcats to Bulldozers, Access equipment to Road-Rollers, Mini-Excavators right up to 1700hp, and 40-tonne Loaders, HardCore has the right battery to keep your machinery on the job longer, avoiding costly downtime.


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