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At Challenge Batteries Batteries, we carry a wide range of commercial batteries. We strongly believe in providing choice for our customers to suit different needs.

At Challenge Batteries Batteries, we carry a wide range of commercial batteries. We strongly believe in providing choice for our customers to suit different needs. When it comes to selecting a commercial battery for your heavy-duty application, performance and durability are crucial. Our range of commercial batteries include accessible MF, Calcium SMF and the dedicated Hardcore Commercial range of high-capacity batteries for the latest truck & bus models from around the world.

All of these commercial batteries are designed to withstand the harsh conditions in Australia and New Zealand. Choose from our range of Delkor, Hardcore, Optima and Fullriver commercial batteries. To make the process simple use our handy Commercial Battery Finder.

Delkor Commercial Batteries

Delkor Commercial batteries are built to work as hard as you do. Renowned in all areas of heavy industry, these high-strength batteries are manufactured with tough internal components and materials to provide long-lasting, superior power for trucks and buses. With more durability and less down time, it means lower total cost of ownership and greater savings in the long run for your commercial application.

Hardcore Commercial Batteries

Hardcore commercial batteries have been developed while keeping Australia’s harsh battery operating conditions in mind. Commercial applications are often subjected to long distances, big loads, extreme temperatures and increasing cycling demands hence the need for batteries that go the distance. As a genuine dual-purpose battery, Hardcore commercial batteries can start any commercial engine and provide a greater cycle life. This translates to reliable power when and where you need it. You can rest assured knowing that when you turn the key, the power and reliability you need is there for you throughout your journey.

Optima Commercial Batteries

The Optima Yellow Top AGM batteries are an excellent choice for any truck or tractor needing the cranking power to handle a rough terrain. Equipped with both deep cycle and starting capabilities as well as the revolutionary Spiralcell Technology®, you can power several accessories such as winches, running lights, hydraulics, electronics and AV systems. Along with more than 300 discharge / recharge cycles, faster recharging and 3x longer life compared to other batteries on the market, you can rely on Optima Yellow Top commercial batteries for your truck or tractor.

Fullriver Commercial Batteries

The Fullriver HC-HR Series battery range offers a genuine no-compromise dual-purpose battery, featuring advanced AGM technology and heat-resistant casing. These batteries are ideal for commercial applications such as long-haul road transport, 4WD dual-battery installations, earth moving and mining vehicles. With Fullriver commercial batteries, you can have the best of both words – a spill-proof AGM battery with more cranking power than conventional starting batteries and a battery with deep-cycling capability. High-purity lead AGM construction accepts faster recharging, providing more useable power than conventional deep-cycle batteries. This makes the Fullriver HC-HR range the ultimate choice for modern interstate trucks with large capacity engines and high accessory power requirements.


Commercial batteries are used for vehicles like trucks, buses, tractors, earth moving and mining equipment. They are primarily used in the transport, agricultural, mining or earthmoving industries to power large, heavy-duty equipment that needs a whole lot more starting power than a regular automobile.

A commercial battery will last as long as its technology is designed for, assuming it is fitted in a suitable application, is maintained properly and is not misused. R&J Batteries supply commercial batteries from world leading brands that have been sourced due to their reliability and excellent battery life. These brands include ACDelco, Delkor, Hardcore, Optima, Fullriver and Predator. R&J Batteries offer a 12 month warranty on most commercial batteries.

Commercial batteries are best stored indoors in a cool, dry location with a recommended temperature of less than 20oC.  Fully charge your commercial battery before placing it into storage and check state of charge after around 6-9 months. Call Challenge Batteries to learn more about the best way to store your commercial battery.


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