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Caravan and camping are a popular lifestyle choice for many people in Australia and New Zealand. A growing number of people are now looking for experiences that connect them to nature and provide a sense of freedom from the hustle and bustle of the city.

When it comes to caravan and camping, nothing can ruin plans faster than a flat battery. Avoid being stranded on the road, or left without power at your campsite, by investing in a top-quality caravan battery or camping battery from Challenge Batteries.

Delkor Deep Cycle Batteries

Delkor deep cycle batteries offer adventurers a reliable and long-lasting power solution thanks to their patented PowerFrame® grid technology*. Combined with advanced technology and outstanding quality, Delkor deep cycle batteries are a strong and hassle-free option featuring stronger reliable plates, high strength impact resistance, polypropylene casing and patented liquid/gas separators. The power is yours with Delkor deep cycle batteries.

Fullriver Deep Cycle Batteries

Fullriver AGM deep cycle batteries are designed to provide consistent and reliable power to your RV, camper or caravan and their accessories. Fullriver’s proven track record for heavy duty cycling capability and power supply makes it a top choice among consumers for deep cycle applications. Fullriver DC Series AGM batteries are designed to help you set your mind to what really matters – taking complete advantage of the wonders of nature.

US Deep Cycle Batteries

Manufactured in the U.S.A, U.S Battery is well known for their range of deep cycle batteries. For over 90 years, U.S Battery has been developing 6-volt, 8-volt and 12-volt deep cycle batteries suitable for recreational vehicles, electric vehicles, floor machines, hire and rental equipment and more. If you are seeking a battery that is capable of withstanding regular deep discharge and fast recharge, consider U.S Battery deep cycle batteries.

Optima Deep Cycle Batteries

Optima’s characteristic Yellowtop batteries are best for deep cycle applications. High-performance AGM Yellowtop deep cycle batteries offer premium cranking power and impressive cycling capabilities. The Optima Yellowtop is perfect for modern accessory-load vehicles with a low internal resistance, providing more consistent power output, faster recharge and have the ability to be installed on a 90 degree angle.

ALL iON Lithium Batteries

ALLiON Lithium Batteries are exclusive to R&J Batteries and have been developed to provide market leading safety and performance for your camper or caravan.

Their Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells provide superior thermal and chemical stability compared to other lithium technologies. ALLiON batteries also come with Bluetooth status monitoring (selected models), so you can remotely monitor your battery’s capacity and state of charge.


Regular car batteries are known as starting batteries and are specifically designed to deliver short bursts of high power to start a vehicle’s engine.  To achieve this the battery contains a high number of plates in each cell to increase the surface area available for the chemical reaction to take place.  Starting batteries only use a small amount of their overall capacity as they are regularly charged by the vehicle’s alternator.

Deep cycle batteries are designed to deliver much lower power levels compared to a starting battery however they can deliver this power continuously.  Deep cycle batteries contain less plates in each cell however these plates are noticeably thicker which increases their durability and dimensional stability.  This more robust construction allows a deep cycle battery to deliver power for extended periods of time without adversely affecting the battery’s health.  If you were to use a starting battery in a deep cycle application it would rapidly deteriorate from the deep discharging and charging cycle.  As a general rule, a deep cycle lead acid battery can be discharged up to 50% of its rated capacity (i.e. 50Ah from a 100Ah battery).  Discharging a deep cycle battery by more than 50% will reduce the number of cycles the battery can deliver.

There is no straightforward answer to this question because the lifespan of a deep cycle battery is dependent on various factors such as how deeply it is discharged, how quickly it is re-charged and how often it is cycled along with other external factors such as temperature.

There are three main types of deep cycle batteries:

Flooded deep cycle batteries are a popular choice.  Their lower cost makes them a good solution for many applications.  Depending on the usage pattern they may require regular maintenance which comprises of topping up the cells with distilled water.

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) deep cycle batteries do not require any maintenance.  They can be mounted in any orientation because the electrolyte is suspended in absorbent mats rather than a flooded cell.  Their unique construction increases their durability and allows them to deliver a higher cycle life compared to flooded batteries. 

Lithium deep cycle batteries are able to deliver a significantly higher cycle life compared to lead acid batteries however their purchase price is also higher.  If you intend to keep your caravan or camper for a number of years, the low cost per cycle makes lithium an obvious choice.  Lithium deep cycle batteries can also be 100% discharged without suffering any adverse affects.  Their reduced weight (approx. 50% lighter) gives them a significant weight advantage over lead acid batteries.

Selecting the correct charger for your deep cycle battery type and capacity will ensure that the battery is charged efficiently without overcharging, which can cause internal damage. Talk to a friendly R&J Batteries expert today and explain your application so they can help you select the best charger for your deep cycle battery application.


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