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Just as you would need a reliable battery to power your adventure on the road, a marine battery or boat battery is crucial for adventures on the water.

The battery system in marine and boating applications provide power for most of the onboard systems including lighting, navigation systems, bilge, fresh water and waste water pumps, entertainment systems and most importantly, the engine starting system.

These marine batteries are specifically designed with the best quality materials, thicker plates and higher vibration resistance to provide strong starting power and long lasting performance. The hard-wearing components of our range of marine batteries and boat batteries are able to withstand the harsh and demanding conditions of the water such as wave pounding and engine vibration.

Delkor Marine Batteries

If you are looking for a maintenance-free marine battery, the Delkor range of marine batteries are a top choice among boating enthusiasts in Australia and New Zealand. Delkor marine batteries are built with thicker plates which provide strength, reliable starting power and longer cycle life. The M series marine batteries by Delkor are hassle-free due to the unique PowerFrame® grid technology combined with reliable plates, high strength impact resistance polypropylene casing and patented liquid/ gas separators. The power is yours with top rated Delkor marine batteries.

Optima Marine Batteries

Optima batteries are known for their easily distinguishable coloured tops. The Bluetop Optima battery is the most suitable choice for marine applications such as fishing boats, speed boats and yachts. Bluetop Optima marine batteries are Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries which provide high performance, exceptional running time, outstanding vibration resistance as well as ability to be installed on a 90 degree angle. If you are a marine enthusiast seeking a sure-starting, strong-cranking and maintenance-free power source, the Bluetop Optima marine battery is the best choice for you.

Deltec Marine Batteries

DELTEC has incorporated a complete line of starting, dual-purpose, deep-cycle marine batteries. The range has been developed to meet the needs of Marine & RV enthusiasts by offering high cranking power for quick and reliable engine starts. They are fitted with robust dual terminals for convenient connection.

DELTEC marine batteries are designed to meet the needs of water-based sports & RV enthusiasts by offering stronger power while using electronic systems compared to any other general battery.

  • High cranking power for quick engine starts
  • Robust dual terminal for convenient connection
  • Maintenance-free design


If you are boating enthusiast, we understand that getting the best marine battery is paramount. However, when it comes to selecting the best marine battery, you need to take into account various factors such as whether you need a cranking battery or a deep cycle battery, cold cranking amps (CCA) needed, its reserve capacity and its amp hours. Enlist the help of Challenge Batteries branch when choosing the best marine battery or boat battery for your application.

We strongly recommend using a dedicated marine battery to power your boat or leisure application as standard car batteries won’t have the necessary deep-cycling power or durability.

The terms “marine battery” and “deep cycle battery” are often used interchangeably as they share similar features. Deep Cycle Batteries are built for long lasting, continuous power and can be deeply discharged due to their thicker plates.

Most Marine batteries also have this deep-cycling feature although some are built just as boat starting batteries, or with both starting and deep cycling capabilities. Buying a dedicated marine battery ensures it has the features you need to power your boat and the necessary vibration resistance to make it last.

There are four different chemical types of marine batteries available in the market: Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), wet cell (flooded), gel cell and lithium. The right marine battery for your vehicle depends on your needs, the capacity, lifespan you are seeking as well as your budget.


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