PRODUCT CODE: Optima Marine Deep Cycle Blue 750CCA 55AH +/-



The Optima D34M is a 12V 750CCA, 55Ah (Amp-Hour) Dual purpose battery (Starting & Deep Cycle). The D34M Optima spiral cell design with the plates wound tightly around a central core gives exceptional vibration resistance (15 times more than most batteries)

The Optima D34M is an extremely tough battery, with huge cranking amps for its size. This high starting power, combined with cycling capability (in Yellow Top and some Blue Top’s) makes an Optima an excellent choice for many applications. Fast recharging too with its Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) design. Some of our customers after fitting Optima’s in their boat could not believe how quickly they recharged on a short trip (only 35 minutes from flat to fully charged at 100Amps for the larger Yellow Top’s). Other customers have taken Optima batteries for tough 4×4 bush trips for camp lighting, but then ended up using them for all the vehicle starting as their normal starting batteries failed in turn.


  • Width: 174.6mm
  • Length: 254mm
  • Height: 198.4mm
  • Weight: 19.8Kg
  • Voltage: 12V
  • CCA: 750
  • 55Ah (55 Amp-Hour at C20)


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