PRODUCT CODE: Motobatt YT14B4 175CCA 13AH



Discover unparalleled power with the Motobatt MBT14B4 – a cutting-edge 12-volt, 13 Ah rechargeable lead-acid battery designed to revolutionize your powersports endeavors. Crafted for motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, and beyond, this maintenance-free marvel harnesses Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology, ensuring unparalleled safety with its spill-proof design while delivering superior power and extended lifespan compared to conventional lead-acid batteries.

Engineered for convenience, the sealed, maintenance-free construction of the Motobatt MBT14B4 alleviates upkeep worries, while its versatile multi-terminal design guarantees seamless compatibility across a spectrum of vehicle models. Confronting cold starts with ease, its impressive high cold-cranking amperage (CCA) rating of 175 ensures dependable ignition even in frosty conditions. Moreover, minimal self-discharge guarantees enduring shelf life and fewer recharges, optimizing your adventures.

Elevate your powersports journey with the reliable Motobatt MBT14B4 – a pinnacle of performance, safety, and adaptability, delivering uninterrupted power for your outdoor escapades.

Replaces: YT14B-BS, YT14B-4, ST14B-4


Motobatt Part Number: MBT14B4
Cranking (CCA): 175
Capacity (10Hr): 13 Amp/Hour
Dimensions (LWH): 151 x 70 x 145 mm
Weight (kg): 4.1



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