PRODUCT CODE: Fullriver HC Series AGM 12V 560CCA 44Ah -/+ (DC40-12/PC1200)



Experience the power and reliability of the Full River HC AGM Starting Battery – your ultimate solution for swift and dependable engine ignition. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, this battery is designed to exceed your expectations. The advanced Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) construction ensures exceptional durability, enhanced vibration resistance, and impressive deep-cycle capabilities. With its high Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) rating, this battery delivers instant ignition even in the most challenging weather conditions.

No more worries about sluggish starts or unreliable performance. The Full River HC AGM Starting Battery is built to handle demanding applications with ease. Whether you’re driving a high-performance vehicle, an off-road beast, or a marine vessel, this battery’s robust design guarantees unwavering power and reliability. It’s the perfect choice for adventurers who require optimal performance in any terrain or weather.

Features and Benefits

High capacity starting power
Highest reserve capacity
Maintenance free sealed construction
Corrosion resistant
Safe for installation in motorsports applications
Low-profile sizes for limited space applications
Can be mounted in almost any direction


Fullriver Part Number: HC44
Cranking (CCA): 560
Capacity (20Hr): 44 Amp/Hour
Dimensions (LxWxTH): 198 x 166 x 170 mm
Weight* (kg): 15.1
Terminal: M8
Voltage: 12
Suitable for: PC1200


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