PRODUCT CODE: Delkor MF 1050CCA 320RC 180Ah (Euro N150) +/-



The Delkor DINB – N180 is a Maintenance Free starting battery. This is a high capacity battery designed to perform in applications where run time and overall capacity is a critical requirement. Built to the unrivalled quality standards you expect from Delkor. Although not normally required, the battery features caps which allow it to be topped up with distilled water in extreme heat applications.

Technical Specifications

Calcium Maintenance Free
Voltage 12V
Capacity (20Hr)
AH 180
CCA 1050
LH Positive(LxWxH)
513 x 224 x 223mm
Terminal Type Standard
Case Size DIN B (N150)
Nominal Weight 41.7kg
Ledges None


Category – Commercial / Machinery


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