PRODUCT CODE: Fullriver 12V 160AH Deep Cycle AGM Battery +/-



Deep-cycle batteries typically feature thick plates with a high-density active material. The thick battery plates allow for reserve energy to be stored deep within the battery plate and released during slow discharge such as trolling or electronic instrument use. The high-density active material remains within the batteries ‘plate/grid structure longer, resisting the normal degradation found in cycling conditions. They are typically used where the battery is discharged to great extent and then recharged.

Deep Cycle refers to applications that typically discharge 60 to 70% or more of the battery capacity. An automotive battery is an SLI battery (Starting, Lighting & ignition.)Its plates are designed to deliver maximum power for a short duration. Starting an engine typically discharges an SLI battery 3% or less. When an SLI battery is used in a deep cycle application or in a vehicle with heavy accessory loads, the battery life will be shortened proportionally to how deeply and frequently it is discharged.

Battery DC210-12 is sure to deliver the performance and reliability you need.

Features and Benefits

High capacity and long life
Rugged Construction, shock and vibration resistant


Fullriver Part Number: DC160-12
Cranking (CCA):
Capacity (20Hr): 160 Amp/Hour
Dimensions (LxWxTH): 484 x 171 x 241 mm
Weight* (kg): 46.30
Voltage: 12


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